Start Date
8 May -  
End Date
14 May 2017
Wayne Churcher
Main Image
Latin 1 variation image
Opening Hours
Tuesday 9th - Saturday 13th May, 10am-5pm
Sunday 14th May, 10am-4pm

Where it is the purpose of science to find answers, it is a purpose of art to pose questions.

In codaMorphology, the questions that arise are about artistic choices. Just why is an artwork beautiful to us  - or not? Are accepted mathematical ideals such as the golden ratio self-fulfilling? Just where does the idea of ‘beauty’ lie? 

Part of my practice is to create computer programs which in turn make compositions. These designs are then brought into the ‘real’ world through printmaking. CodaMorphology is the result of these investigations. 

I am an artist based in my home studio in Northland, Wellington. My practice now is both as a printmaker and codemaker. The hills surrounding Wellington were the inspiration to create programs creating fields of shapes, which I use to make most of my works today.


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