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14 August -  
End Date
20 August 2017
Vivian Rodriguez
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Tues - Sun, 10.00am - 7.00pm
Late night Friday - until 9.00pm

With These Hands celebrate the human connection between the maker and the user of ceramic vessels.   In our busy, noisy height technological world, we have lost the ability to make a direct link between items of everyday use and the people who make them.  All things have at their core a human hand.   As a domestic potter I like the idea that when people used my vessels they are giving them life in their own terms.  To used a hand-made pot, to know the maker, is to preserve our social connectivity.  Because pottery is timeless and fragile at the same time, using ceramic pieces for eating and drinking every day enhance not only their value but also the value of those who today still work with their hands.  To value the produce of human hands is to celebrate and acknowledge human creativity.

Colour and texture are central to my ceramic work.  The graphic intensity of my sgrafitto patterns in contrast with the naked clay allows me the freedom of creating a piece of work that is not only unique but also spontaneous.  My designs are inspired by my personal interpretations of bush and forest both here in New Zealand and my birth place, Costa Rica.  As a functional potter I enjoy the challenge of throwing large pieces using heavily grog clay which adds an organic element to my work.

Recently I travel to New Mexico in the United States where I had the opportunity of learning decorating techniques used by the Native American Pueblo Indians for centuries.  Part of my work in this present exhibition has been inspired by that journey resulting on the explorations of new brush work designs that allowed me to transfer parts of my Costa Rican heritage into my ceramic work.