Start Date
7 August -  
End Date
13 August 2017
Main Image
david litchfield art
Opening Hours
Tues - Sun, 10.00am - 5.00pm

We are a group of friends and artists who met through the Wellington Buddhist Centre. Our Buddhist group encourages art as an aid to spiritual growth, as in cultivating positive emotion, mindfulness and higher states of awareness. We're interested in how our Buddhist practice of personal growth has influenced and been reflected in our art, and how our art individually and collectively may connect through that enquiry and practice.

The Wellington Buddhist Centre also emphasizes the value of friendship. This exhibition will show a group of diverse people, with different techniques and approaches to art, united by our common commitment to spiritual practice and the support of one another.

The artists included in the exhibition are:

Kathleen Beeler:
Medium: Handcoloured photographss
Subject: China in the 80s

Medium: Watercolour
Subject: Landscapes, particularly done from photos she took in Tibet

David Litchfield:
Medium: Acrylics and Pencil
Genre: Naïve realism

Anne Munz
Medium: Oil Paintings
Subject: Trees and human bodies

Achalamuni  (Donald Woolford)
Medium: Oil paintings
Genre: Still life and abstract