Start Date
21 September -  
End Date
27 September 2020
Various artists
Main Image
the land we love artwork
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Saturday, 10.00am - 6.00pm
Sunday, 10.00am - 3.00pm

Artists: Helen Casey, Shawna Chow, Corinne Goedbloed, Charlotte Hird, Rika Nagahata, Andrea Robinson, Annette Straugheir

Seven Wellington artists display a body of recent work inspired by the natural world featuring both figurative and impressionist styles with distinctive themes.

New Zealand provides rare gems of beauty in fauna and flora and here they are captured in seven unique ways. From playful layering and bold brushstrokes to intricate lines and patterns. We display visual narratives that tell stories about the land we love.

On display are delicate expressive watercolour landscapes, dramatic flowers and detailed birds which capture transparency and magic. There are large and small compositions in oil and textured acrylic works, with bold colours alongside serene graphite works.

Our styles are expressive and diverse, yet all works bring to life the beauty and drama of the New Zealand wilderness. We want to share our passion for  art with the people of Wellington.

Helen Casey:

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Charlotte Hird:, Website, Facebook

Rika Nagahata:, FacebookInstagram, Website

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