Start Date
25 July -  
End Date
28 July 2023
Various Artists
Main Image
F&F poster
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 10am to 4pm & Friday 10am to 7pm


Rachel Walker: splashy watercolour and ink studies of native flora and fauna

Carol Theologo: magical oil paintings featuring native birds in ethereal landscapes

Judi Lapsley Miller: wild and quirky photo-artistry with an undercurrent of advocacy

Shawna Chow: colourful and playful acrylic studies of native birds

Helen Casey: swirling acrylic, ink, and graphite illustrations of beloved birds, fish and more

Margaret Tolland: acrylic artist connecting with nature through the rhythms of plants

Vaune Mason: nature-inspired jewellery

Gillian Candler: wildly popular children’s book author, writing about the natural world

Julia Brooke-White: stunning photographs of native flora