Start Date
25 February -  
End Date
3 March 2019
Teissi Aranda
Main Image
t aranda painting
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday, 2.00pm - 8.00pm

Teissi Aranda, is an argentinian plastic artist.

After a 10-year training in architecture, visual arts, and specialized in pictorial media and technologies, she proposes her first Solo exhibition, where she relates between challenging and dramatic palettes saturated of color, diverse stories of her travels.

Stories that invite the viewer to feel the energies and rebuild their own stories through those peculiar characters.  

We are a world full of travelers, where in each country, we can find similarities and differences, but after all we are the same essence.

Her work is a contemporary pop expressionism, typical of the illustration, where photographic approaches predominate, the use of the line and the stain as elements that build her images.

Artworks will be for sale, prints, and range in size from small paintings to larger canvas paintings.

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Phone: 022-046-1099