Start Date
19 March -  
End Date
24 March 2019
Sarah Stephen, Tom Lawler, Nicola Shuttleworth & Will Whiten
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Opening Hours
Wednesday - Friday, 9.00am - 7.00pm
Saturday - 10.00am - 4.00pm
Sunday - 10.00am - 3.00pm

Random Order presents works by four Wellington artists in four very different mediums.  Works include embroidered nudes, urban illustration, earthy ceramics and post-Soviet/Yugoslavian black and white photography.

Embroidered nudes: Sarah Stephen

The human form is powerful in its diversity.  Using needle and thread I celebrate the skin we live in - in all its shapes, ages and genders.  In this show I highlight the male and androgynous forms, both of which are underrepresented on gallery walls around the globe.



Urban illustration:  Tom Lawler

When not working behind several screens in a box, Tom Lawler will occasionally draw a thing.  Often more interested by perspectives that sit above street level rather than in it, Tom's illustrations draw from a childhood love of comic strip backdrops and a fascination with lines and contrast.

Earthy ceramics: Nicola Shuttleworth

As a Wellington based potter working from my studio in Island Bay my practice is about making functional ware to hold and to use.  I produce stacks, groups and sets using similar forms with warm, natural coloured glazes.  I work with New Zealand stoneware clay and mix my own glazes.  I value handmade objects and believe they should be part of our everyday life.


Post-Soviet/Yugoslavian black and white photography: Will Whiten

Will likes to capture images of people and places that suggest a multitude of stories to the viewer.  In this series, Will presents photos from countries that were once part of the USSR or Yugoslavia.

OPENING NIGHT 19 March 5.30pm