Start Date
21 March -  
End Date
27 March 2022
Sarah Bookman
Main Image
Dont Under Think It Poster
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday; 11am - 6:30pm

Don’t let them in. Try let them in. Do let them in. Why did you let them in?

We listen to people who love us. We listen to people who we love. We listen to messages from community. These voices contribute to who we are and what we believe in.

But what if this isn’t neat? What if the messages are too big, too messy, too confusing?

How are we meant to make sense of it all?

This exhibition provides a space of reflection, commentary and satire reflecting on the shared experience of what it means to move through the world. Journeying through adulthood; navigating and tactfully curating who and what we listen to and what we apply. A process of constant correction, failure, celebration and reflection. Perhaps we never actually arrive at any kind of conclusion?

I celebrate overthinking. By doing this, I encourage viewers to deeply overthink too.

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