Start Date
29 March -  
End Date
4 April 2021
Pots by Aimée
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poster for Aimee McLeod exhibition
Opening Hours
Monday, 4.30pm - 6.00pm
Tuesday - Thursday, 10.30am - 6.30pm
Friday, 10.30am - 2.30pm
Saturday, 10.30am - 4.00pm

Working with clay is therapeutic, but also quite challenging.

There are so many different clays and techniques, if I lived to a hundred I would not have had time to try them all.

For this exhibition I have put together a number of these techniques and clay types: coilbuilt sculptural pieces, like my humanoid-but-not human "visitor" series and Tangaroa's Garden sea scape which incorporates porcelain with the groggy stoneware; wheelthrown large bowls and platters fired to 1300C in my gas kiln; more delicate porcelain bowls, also wheel thrown, sometimes carved. Of course you can't have a pottery show without mugs!

Come and enjoy this variety and ask me questions!



Thistle Hall Update

Kia ora

From December 3, 2021 Thistle Hall will require all visitors over the age of 12 to show a Vaccine Pass.

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