Start Date
19 March -  
End Date
25 March 2017
Nicky Kane & Natalia K Parra-Sierra
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Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday: 10.00am - 6.00pm

Convergent is an exhibition by Nicky Kane and Natalia K Parra-Sierra. Our aim is to show how materials such as unconventional printing paper, tissue paper, computer components, and other media can be interpreted and presented innovatively as art.

We hope that the individual aspects and qualities of our work will make a stimulating show and it will engage the audience in a conversation about the ways in which colour, texture, line and space can be explored and presented as art. It is through our imaginative use of materials and our unique approach to making art that the concept of convergence arises. We share a love of paper, texture and the concepts of collage and this is evident throughout our work.