Start Date
1 October -  
End Date
7 October 2018
Mikel Durel
Main Image
humming of strings poster
Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday, 10:00am - 6:00pm

Stringed guitars, 3 years in the making.

Since 2015 I have ventured into the making of stringed instruments. One of my first instrumental experiments was a single string called a Diddly Bow, inspired by the Jack White. I quickly followed in the footsteps of the 1 string and went on to make these stringed musical instruments from 1 to 7 strings, each instrument having its own set of problem solving processes and creative developments. All of these instruments are made from found objects, re-purposed antiques and custom made components. I thoroughly enjoy working in this way, as each instrument is a unique and individual sculpture on its own.

Over the next 18 months I will continue to make more instruments, it is my goal to make a 10 stringed music instrument. My aim is to create an electric stringed ensemble called “10 Guitars and the Interactive Monster “

This exhibition is my half waypoint and is part of promoting my bigger goal. This body of sculptural instruments showcases all the works I have made to date, some are experiments and some have a more specific purpose, all are electric and rather eccentric works of art in their own way.

Included in the exhibition will be a number of large drawings by my partner Gabrielle Edmonds. These drawings are a response to the instruments and adds another visual element to the show.

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