Start Date
8 February -  
End Date
14 February 2021
Kumiko Matsumoto, Naoko Yui & Yae Takahashi
Main Image
shiki - gradations poster
Opening Hours
Tuesday, 11.00am-2.00pm
Wednesday - Sunday, 11.00am - 7.00pm

Expressing the weaving of Japanese tastes and aesthetic into the turning of the seasons in three different mediums.

As Japanese artists, “Shiki” (four seasons) is an essence that underpins many of our art forms.

Digital arts inspired by Kumiko Matsumoto’s experiences and identity as a Japanese person living in New Zealand. Dried flower arrangements and creations by Naoko Yui that are truly natural and have an earthy style based on local seasonal flora and fauna. And paintings by Yae Takahashi, whose works are inspired by the patterns and combinations of colours in nature.

Wellington can deliver all four seasons in one glorious day, so we felt inspired to bring the emotion of the seasons evoked in our art forms, to the people of our new chosen home.