Start Date
15 October -  
End Date
21 October 2018
Kaori Izumiya
Main Image
Image of woman disrobing
Opening Hours
Mon 3pm - 6pm; Tue - Thurs 10am - 6pm; Fri, Sat 10am - 7pm; Sun 10am - 4pm

Kaori (1983, Japan) is an artist who works mainly with painting and drawing.

Always fascinated by the representation of the female form and mind, she takes her inspiration in the ordinary life around her to find and portray the extraordinary.

Since she moved to New-Zealand in 2016, she has been profoundly inspired by the culture, the nature and, above all, the people in her everyday. She is now excited to share her artwork with the community and humbly hopes to give back some of the inspiration she received from the people of Wellington.

Kaori principally uses acrylics and inks to create her art. After studying oil painting and graduating from the Tokyo University of Arts, she had multiple solo and group exhibitions in Tokyo and is also a regular seller at Art markets. Kaori has also been painting backgrounds for Japanese animation.


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