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29 November -  
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5 December 2021
Joe Buchanan, Diatom Press
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An exhibition of prints by Joe Buchanan, a printmaker, scientist and activist and founder of Diatom Press, a linocut and letterpress studio based in Paekākāriki. Joe Buchanan’s work ranges from scientific illustration and natural history to social and political commentary.

Carbon Black is series of prints of organisms, chemistry and questions underlying the carbon cycle and climate change. It includes organisms involved in carbon sequestration and typographical work around the chemistry and politics of carbon.

The Lockdown Alphabet is a series of 28 prints commenting on the Covid-19 pandemic and the 2019 lockdown. The prints were accompanied by short commentaries that have been collected into a letterpress printed book. The Alphabet recalls the social, political and scientific responses to the pandemic and the thinking that took place during lockdown, when many people found themselves in an unusually reflective space, simultaneously fearful and hopeful, and often resetting their aspirations.

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