Start Date
11 February -  
End Date
17 February 2019
James Harcourt
Main Image
mask by james Harcourt
Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday, 10.00am - 6.30pm

Masks have been here since the beginnings of our time so too has an innate knowledge that trees share our world and like us are living beings. I have combined masks and trees and created a cadre of characters connecting us with nature. We see a mask and look upon ourselves. The mask has the ability to suspend the viewer’s sense of reality where questions arise. We might ask “Where do these creatures come from, how do they live, what does it see in me?” 

Venerated by people across the globe, trees have inspired and guided us. The ‘Tree of Life’ grows in almost every culture, is nurtured by shamans and druids, medicine women and angekok, tohunga and healer. 

These tree masks serve to remind us of the healing philosophies that enrich our lives and help us in sharing the world with all our diverse and valuable allies.

In Plants We Trust

Come and enjoy an exhibition opening that celebrates nature. Work is for sale.