Start Date
26 February -  
End Date
3 March 2024
Jake & Anita
Main Image
Jake & Anita. Faded and blurred slide image of a beach. Multiple transparent figures in motion.
Opening Hours
Open Daily


The skills of guitar-dance duo Jake & Anita collide to create this 'doing wor(l)d': words create worlds, and a world is inside a word.

VERBS is a “found art” installation about digging deeper, explored through fleeting scenes of music, dance, poetry, and light. It is designed to be stumbled upon by the passing public - hence “found art”. Jake & Anita will be resident at the Thistle Hall Gallery, visible at street level, from the 25 February - 3 March as they install, rehearse, and perform their show.

The process of making the show has also been “found art”. Much of its content has been inspired by photographs taken during their adventures around the streets and coasts of Wellington, and from Anita’s great uncle’s slide collection.

Philosophically the show focuses on the intangible nature of knowing. Nobody truly knows how someone else sees – we all perceive and interpret reality differently. In VERBS Jake & Anita work to create a shared world

Artist Adorna joins them to bring their imagination to life and welcome you into their artistic world where time stands still.



Friday 01 March: 7pm

Saturday 02 March: 5pm
Saturday 02 March: 8pm

Sunday 03 March: 5pm
Sunday 03 March 8pm

Duration 60 minutes. Entry free.