Start Date
19 July -  
End Date
23 July 2023
Emma Febvre-Richards & Tim Larkin
Main Image
Wood Meets Paper
Opening Hours
Wednesday - Friday: 1-5pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am-4pm

Tim Larkin is a furniture maker and artist from Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

Emma Febvre-Richards is an artist and Associate Professor at Whiti o Rehua School of Art, Massey University.

Tim is interested in how weight is held above the ground whether that is the weight of a human body in a chair or the ‘weight’ of light in a lampshade. Sometimes the furniture is extra heavy and dense, sometimes it is ‘scooped out’ and more air than matter.

Emma is interested in drawing as expanded practice, using diverse technologies to explore drawing processes and 2D/3D space.

In Wood meets Paper Tim and Emma recognised their commonalities of how they both draw in space but from very different starting points. Tim with his saw-bench and Emma with her pencils and laser machinery .

In this exhibition Tim will exhibit his lights and sculptures, while Emma will show her lightboxes, laser cut drawings, watercolours and prints. Creating a variety of outcomes to create a conversation about the possibilities of drawing.