Start Date
9 November -  
End Date
15 November 2020
Elizabeth Harcourt
Main Image
elizabeth harcourt painting
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday, 10.30am - 5.30pm

Painting is about being fully present to the moment. I endeavour to stay in the present and explore its possibilities. It’s like a form of meditation or prayer. Suspending judgement and expectations, being open to risk, struggle and joy are what move me. It's a practice of choosing to be in the present moment. I search for quiet spaces and stillness.

The inspiration for my paintings comes as a response to my surroundings; my home, my city, the contrasts of wildness and calm through the seasons, the colours, sounds and feelings. As I work I explore surface, shape, colour, texture, composition and mark making. I try to respond to the sensory experience of being in the landscape, and translate this into colourful narratives that express my inner world and my connection to the natural world around me.

I hope you will find your own quiet spaces in my work.