Start Date
1 February -  
End Date
7 February 2021
Courtney Blakemore
Main Image
Courtney Blakemore, artwork
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday, 11.00am-6:30pm

Courtney Blakemore lives in Wellington, New Zealand and paints from the perspective of a mother.

“My work seeks to find a connection between the feelings of loss and chaos that I have experienced as a mother in addition to the overwhelming love and satisfaction. I am rediscovering myself as an artist and individual, someone with a sense of purpose other than that of serving the needs of others. I seek to find beauty in the mundane, order in the chaos and art within the mess of it all.

I want to empower women, and especially mothers to connect with other women, to share experiences authentically and celebrate every success, even if you think they are small.”

Courtney graduated from Massey University in 2OO9 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (hons)