Start Date
12 June -  
End Date
17 June 2023
Christine Wilson, Sarah Clark and Warwick Janes
Main Image
Colour & Light
Opening Hours
10am - 5.30pm


Warwick Janes, Christine Wilson, Sarah Clark, are all Wellington based artists who relish the opportunity to reflect on the natural environment around them, and the people who live within. This is the first time they have worked together. Each has a different style, from realist to expressionist, from water colour to oil. But all play on the richness of the Poneke landscape. Warwick captures the sea and land, in contrasting dark and moody vistas, with celebratory tones. Alongside this he presents a range of still life observations. Christine has an affinity for capturing the movement of birds in flight and in rest - including some that are from times past, and the wonder of greenery and bush. Sarah explores a dynamic colour palette in textural oils, paying homage to the sky and sea. The natural world is also represented with tapestry effect of trees and leaves. 



Flight, People And Places is a joint exhibition between three artists who enjoy translating the world around them, through different but complementary lenses. The contrasting works act as a metaphor for the many ways we see and experience the world. From quiet and dark, to explosions of light and energy. They hope that people can take the opportunity to celebrate the richness of our surroundings, that nurture us and allow us to thrive, whether it's the freedom of flight, the curiosity of people, or the groundedness of the land and sky.