Start Date
18 December -  
End Date
24 December 2023
Beata Kozlowska
Main Image
Invitation to Beata Kozlowska's solo exhibition. Features Truly You, an abstract geometric painting in fresh colours.
Opening Hours
Monday: 3 - 6pm
Tuesday to Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 3pm

You are warmly invited to Poetics of Geometry, a solo exhibition featuring new abstract paintings by Beata Kozlowska. From the last several years of Wellington-based artistic journey, Kozlowska delves into the painterly medium, focusing on the language of abstraction. Poetics of Geometry explores unique visual associations from geometric shapes, analogous to the play of language in poetics. Kozlowska employs elements like colour, shape, texture, form and structure to manifest in varying scales and frequencies, mirroring nature.

The term "Geometry" originates from the Greek words 'geo' (earth) and 'metrein' (to measure). Kozlowska's work explores the interplay between
poetics and geometry, employing geometric shapes, lines, haphazard semi-grids, and multiple layering techniques. Embracing negative space and concealing specific areas in her compositions, she engages in an unpredictable and playful process that challenges traditional geometric
laws. This emphasis on the freedom of abstraction, rooted in the tradition of Modernism, invites viewers to explore multiple interpretations.




Wednesday, 10am - 12pm
FREE Kids Art Workshop


Facebook: Beata Kozlowska - Visual Artist
Instagram: @beatakozlowskaart