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6 June -  
End Date
12 June 2022
Annaliese Brown
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Golem poster
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Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm

A golem is an anthropomorphic clay being in Jewish mystical practice, created for a specific task. They perform their assigned task with literal precision and, because of this, are often misunderstood as dangerous and unpredictable. However, they are only a reflection of the intention of the creator. I create them with the intention of understanding the self and its place within a community. Through my practice I have gained awareness of my traumas, sexual and gender identity, isolation and confusion that comes with finding my place within a range of contradicting, yet beautiful cultures. Working with clay grounds me in my physical space, here, in Aotearoa.

Annaliese will be hosting a clay workshop on Sunday 12th: 2pm - 5pm


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