Start Date
10 October -  
End Date
15 October 2023
Aaron Potaka, Esther Topfer, Sandra Brumby, Deirdra McMenamin
Main Image
Political Football exhibtion poster.
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday: 10am - 4pm

Political Football references two distinct cultural meanings across British and American politics. For hot and contentious issues, the Westminster code is to bury or prevaricate in contrast to the US style of scrimmage and fast resolution. The Optiv101 Political Football exhibition uses the US code of play, acting as a broadsheet of diverse readings and commentaries, as each artist kicks some hot issues to the centre field, adding perspective to the wider social and political milieux.


Wednesday 11 October 
Thursday 12 October
Friday 13 October

Start time 7.30pm

In conjunction with Andi Arugula, from PEACE Co-Op Theatre Company the exhibition will host three performances about war & all its greatness with "a gREAT rAW". Inspired by the book We Will Not Cease by Archibald Baxter, conscientious objector, farmer and father of poet James K. Baxter, Andi will perform "a gREAT rAW".

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