Start Date
30 October -  
End Date
4 November 2017

curious encounters

Various Designers
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Opening Hours
Tuesday 31 October - Saturday 4 November, 10.00am - 6.00pm

This exhibition presents a set of curious encounters: We welcome visitors to the gallery to encounter innovative furniture inspired by coffee. Secondly, a series of hotel designs experiments with the hotel as both an idea and a phenomenon. A further encounter occurs between furniture and hotel, which are closely related. Prototypes of tables and chairs mix with hotel designs. All exhibits are designed and fabricated by Victoria University of Wellington’s vibrant young minds. Visitors are encouraged to engage with this landscape of furniture and hotel artefacts, to view them or sit amongst them and have coffee.


Hans-Christian Wilhelm: Curator and Course Coordinator Furniture

Simon Towse: Curator and Course Coordinator Hotel

Exhibition Design, Centre En-Counter, Graphics:

Hans-Christian Wilhelm, Ann-Kathrin Eberhardt, Denise Duggan, Cameron Roussow, Steven Almond, Dion Andrews, Julia Vencatachellum, Hudson Volykhine

Furniture prototypes and designs:

Gareth Alexander, Dion Andrews, Benjamin Carpenter, Annabel Childs, Thomas Clark, Charles Devine, Denise Duggan, Ann-Kathrin Eberhard, Rose, Flynn, Travis Hinchliff, Alan Howard, Karly Kimura, Sophie Kolmer, Andy Lee, Natasha Linley, Javiera Magallon Nicolet, Luke Poulsen, Liam Prentice, Apirana Procuta, Mariana Restrepo Sierra, Cameron Rossouw, Giorgio Scott, Grace Tennent, Philip Tong, Julia Vencatachellum, Hudson Volykhine, Bronya Webb, Yujia Zhao