Start Date
6 November -  
End Date
12 November 2017

inner worlds

Various Artists
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inner worlds image
Opening Hours
10.00am - 4.00pm, Monday - Sunday

“Inner Worlds” is about the experiences of university students in Wellington and their identity formation. The university period of life serves as a deconstructive and highly intense time for personal identity development. Alongside this journey comes big challenges - a major one being mental health. The artists in this exhibition are all a part of the art club at Victoria University - Misfits Club. Misfits is both a club and a peer support service to students. Peer support challenges conventions of mental health support, teaching those involved how to care for each other while struggling with the inevitable pains of life.

The exhibition talks about personal identity while asking the audience to consider their own experience of mental health and identity. The show will include collaborative art in the form of finger painting and letter writing. Part of the importance of the exhibition lies in the challenge to struggling students to continue to create - regardless of their struggle. However, sometimes mental health can be a barrier to creation, so the exhibition also discusses the non-displayed and “uncompleted” art. 

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