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4 September -  
End Date
10 September 2017

Beauty and the two beasts - Mulyani with Boyle and gray

Nini Mulyani, David Boyle & Stuart Gray
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Stuart Gray
Opening Hours
Tues - Sun, 10.00am - 5.30pm

Stuart Gray

I am a self taught artist who started out playing around with collage then drifted into using found objects and materials of all sorts sourced from op-shops, recycling centres and wherever I can find cheap or free objects to re-purpose into whatever comes into my imagination.

I like the idea of creating something out of other peoples cast-offs plus helping out the charity shops by buying castoffs from them.

Being a registered electrician I sometimes incorporate the skills of my trade into my art.

My artwork can be viewed on www.stuartgrayblog.wordpress

Nini Mulyani

Handcrafted jewellery that combines both neglected and new elements. The jewellery is often whimsical, steampunk, and vintage inspired.

The play between rare material and imagining of how jewellery should look, reflects on how the maker own take on the world. The jewellery can be enjoyed so much more when appreciated not just for it's superficial beauty, but because the depth of the story behind it.


David Boyle

I have been exhibiting art in Palmerston North and Wellington for many years. The paintings are oil on canvas and have a folksy, illustrative feel. My themes are very escapist /surreal- much action, boys and girls adventure pics -women on large motorbikes and sidecars, jungle action, animals and famous characters. The bolted books are just that-books bolted shut for censorship reasons. The “Pourings” are sculptures on a plinth of books with paint poured over them.

Ph: 0211 585 248