Start Date
25 September -  
End Date
30 September 2018
Zoe Knighton & Roger Key
Main Image
Trifling Affairs poster
Opening Hours
Tuesday 25 - Sunday 30, 9.00am-5.00pm

Our exhibition plays with the conflict between the realm of accepted society and the battle with our own unique personalities that stretch beyond these confines. The artworks pry into the concept of group dynamics and the individual, to assumptions about reality and how the lone soul is woven into a culture of societal expectations.

In his work Roger Key enjoys playing with the complexities of human existence. “My work tends to posses a dark underbelly and absurdity, which for me is reflective of daily life. Ultimately it comes down to the individual trying to navigate their way through it all and make some sort of sense of it.”

Zoe Knighton’s work juxtaposes the mundane with the unexpected, focusing attention on the façade or the performance of roles individuals play. A reminder that we seldom experience the genuine, instead inhabiting a constructed reality which obscures the truth.

Roger Key and Zoe Knighton are both Wellington based artists and will be making art onsite during the exhibition week. 

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