Start Date
26 October -  
End Date
31 October 2021
Group Show
Main Image
Skullduggery Exhibition Poster
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday, 10:00am - 5:00pm

Trick or Treat! It's the 'Skullduggery Art Show'.

From the team behind ‘White Cloud Worlds’ & ‘Industry of Imagination’ comes a new Art Show - ‘Skullduggery’. This week long show celebrates Halloween, Horror and the Supernatural. From high realism through to graphic and the surreal, prepare to see something you haven’t seen before at ‘Skullduggery’. The show will feature original paintings, drawings and sculpture from leading local artists.

Many of the artists in the show work in the entertainment industry and rarely have the chance to share their professional work with the public and more importantly a new generation of artists. ‘Skullduggery’ gives artists the opportunity to showcase their unique artistic style in a bespoke public space.

Halloween Free Art Day - October 31 - 10am - 3pm

Come join the fun on Halloween! We will be hosting a free art day with a costumed life drawing class, a make up demonstration by the legendary Gino Acevedo and live traditional painting demonstrations.

It's a great opportunity to meet professional artists working in the local entertainment industry and see how they work! Be inspired and learn a few tips and tricks! Halloween costumes optional.

Exhibiting Artists

Andy Shaw, Anna Johnson, Anton Gustilo, Bill Hunt, Blake Wood, Cheryl Ong, Christian Pearce, Claire Tobin, Dane Madgwick, Gabriel Romero, Garry Buckley, Gino Acevedo, Greg Broadmore, Gus Hunter, Hamish Fraser, Iain Anderson, Jeremy Bennett, Joaquin Loyzaga, Ken Samonte, Logan Currin, Marc Johnston, Matt Katz, Matty Rodgers, Michael Kennedy, Nick Keller, Ottis Chamberlain, Paul Tobin, Rebekah Tisch, Ryan Stark, Sam Bee, Sam Blazer, Simona Tositti, Stacey Robinson, Stacy Eyles, Stephen Crowe, Steven Saunders, Tahiwi Trenor-Hunt, Tanya Marriott, Tien, Tom Robinson, Warren Mahy, William Bennett, Yenju Lee, Yichuan Lee