Start Date
28 February -  
End Date
6 March 2022
Florence Academy of Fine Art students
Main Image
Re-defining the art of drawing artwork image
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday; 9am to 4pm

Exhibiting Artists; Jack Giles, Jaco Van Der Walt, Kseniia Loseva, Reshma, Kate Twomey, Lucas Niklaus, Yan Coval, Tatyana Kulida, Anton Makarov, Sam Wakelin and Tatiana Rojas-Pavón.

We are the group of artist who getting together two times every week to learn the classical drawing and painting method by the formal teacher of Florence Academy of Fine Art Tatyana Kulida. This exhibition is the highlight of our achievements for two/three years of intensive study and practice. Even though we are creating very classical look art , you still can see an individual expression, character and the strong spirit inside the art pieces. Come along to see the modern classic, which is rare thing in our days!

Join the exhibitors on Tuesday at 10 am and 2pm for food still life oil painting