27 - 31 JULY 2016


Opening night:
Tuesday 26 July, 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Opening hours:
Wednesday - Friday, 11:30am - 5.30pm
Saturday - from 10.00am
Sunday - 10.00am - 4.00pm

Margaret Ledgerton
Margaret was born in Liverpool, England, and came to New Zealand in her 20s. Since then she has lived mostly in Wellington and for shorter periods in Hawke’s Bay, Auckland, and Melbourne, working as a teacher, union researcher, and a public servant.

Painting and drawing have been her life-long interests, with increasing time devoted to them in recent years. She has worked with pencils, oil pastels, acrylics and oils to create still lifes, portraits and landscapes. Oils are the medium she currently enjoys most, and landscapes around the Wellington region, including coastal areas, provide the inspiration for most of her recent paintings.

Jane Duncan
Jane lives mostly in the Wairarapa where she says the light is so magical and, as an artist, is the perfect place as inspiration is all around her. She began painting properly in 2013 while recovering from a serious illness, first in acrylics but now mostly oils.

Under the tutelage of Jane Sinclair, she discovered ‘dark and light.’ ‘I was challenged to paint in the style of the Scottish Colourists, with their intense colours, looser brush strokes and subtle modulation of light and shade, which has led me to where I am today’ she says.

Completely absorbed in her art, Jane paints views through rooms, landscapes based on her father’s Scottish homeland, or still lifes with deep intense colours. ‘Painting takes me out of myself,’ she says. ‘It is my joy, great love, and addiction. The journey of an artist is a huge adventure. Come on it with me.’

Mark Peck
Mark has spent most of his adult life in public service: trade unions, politics, the Smokefree Coalition, and latterly as part owner of Little Peckish Café in central Wellington.

He is new to art. ‘My interest in painting developed when a friend introduced me to fine art,’ he says, ‘and after experimenting with a couple of cast-off canvasses in my garage, I signed up for lessons.’

Under the tutelage of Stephanie Woodman, Mark is discovering the nuances of technique, colour and form. He is fascinated with the effects of dappled light. ‘I am grateful to those who have encouraged my early development, including Margaret and Jane who have been hugely supportive. I am looking to grow further on this journey of discovery. For now, I’ll just keep painting.’

02 - 06 AUGUST 2016


Open: 10am - 4pm Daily

The Ghost Hunters at Thistle Hall is an exhibition of Antoinette Ratcliffe’s current sculpture, photography and prints, including a collaboration series with artists Mica Still, Sean Duffield, Ema Frost and jeweller Kate Esther.

Antoinette’s pieces are mixed media wall mounted and free standing sculptures made from combinations of cast plaster with taxidermy (birds, mice, rats, bunnies, ducks and a hedgehog), bone, semi-precious gem stones, butterflies, bumble bees, surgical instruments and found cat whiskers. These media are combined to bring the anthropomorphic association of motive, ambition, sadness and grief to the raw plaster casts.

Antoinette completed her Master of Arts (visual arts) at the School of Media Arts in 2011 where she created an installation based project that has become ‘The Sick Bay’.

Her work explores thematic narrative derived from hybridity, horror conventions and anthropomorphic association. B-grade horror films continue to influence her current body of work, giving the installations and sculptures an awareness of a quiet sinister suspense as the visitors are watched by the taxidermy and plaster ‘ghost hunter’ creatures that scale walls or sit quietly on their own.

Please note all pieces are cash and carry, so don't miss out on the perfect piece for your collection!
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